Snow's Portfolio of Work

Snow’s Portfolio of Work


Snow's Portfolio of Work

Snow’s Portfolio of Work

Star Trek Store

For decades, Star Trek has boldly gone where no one has gone before, and now, Star Trek is venturing into the exciting universe of enhanced eCommerce with the official Star Trek Shop. Snow is the only brand management system that takes brands to Amazon and Branded Stores in an omnichannel and seamless UX experience on an international scale.

  • Personalization Snow App

  • Official Amazon Star Trek Shop

  • Multi-Vendor Order Capability

  • Creative Asst Production

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Integrations

  • Fully Responsive Web Design

CBS Store

Home to iconic shows like Star Trek, Big Brother, Survivor, and more, CBS is a leader in commercial broadcast television. CBS is now stepping into the realm of eCommerce to showcase and grow their brand in a strategic, interactive manner.

  • Multi-Vendor Order Capability

  • Creative Asset Production

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Integrations

  • Fully Responsive Web Design


SpongeBob SquarePants Shop

SpongeBob SquarePants has generated laughs and positivity in the hearts of many for over 20 years. A childhood staple, SpongeBob SquarePants now enters the eCommerce world to continue spreading the joy, hilarity, and fun of its brand.

  • Multi-Vendor Order Capability

  • Creative Asset Production

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Integrations

  • Fully Responsive Web Design

Fox News Shop

With reports on breaking, latest, and current news, Fox News is a leading American news broadcasting network that garners views from around the nation. Stepping into the world of eCommerce, Fox News aspires to grow the audience and engagement of their brand.

  • Multi-Vendor Order Capability

  • Creative Asset Production

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Integrations

  • Fully Responsive Web Design


Rio 2016 Official Auction

The Rio 2016 Official Auction site is the third event we have supported Authentic Collector through.  This site features:

  • Auction integration

  • Multiple languages (English & Portuguese) and Multi-currency

  • Brazilian Payment Gateway integration

  • Single sign-on and shared checkout


Dell Refurbished

Site features:

  • Serialized Products

  • Robust promotional engine

  • Ebay and Auction sales

  • Sophisticated fraud prevention

  • Warranty Upsell


NBC Stores

NBC is known as a pioneer and a leader in commercial broadcast television; they are a well-known staple and are now moving into the exciting world of enhanced eCommerce to grow and showcase their brand.

  • Multi-Vendor Order Capability

  • Creative Asset Production

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Integrations

  • Fully Responsive Web Design


CBS Interactive

One eCommerce platform instance, 70 websites.

  • Multi-vendor marketplaces

  • Auction Integration

  • Single sign-on and shared checkout

  • Advanced Admin Permissions


Shop Sprout

Parent oriented site adhering to the latest in child protection.

  • COPPA Protection extension

  • CafePress Manager extension

  • Designs based on Sprout guide

  • Multivariate testing


I Love Science Store

The best science trend store in the WORLD. IFLS provides trending science topics, products, and cool science concepts to millions of followers.

  • CafePress Manager extension

  • Custom guest checkout

  • Rules driven merchandizing

  • Layered navigation

Ripple Junction

Two Dudes and Ripple Junction’s team of imaginative pop culture fanatics create the planet’s most awesome t-shirts and officially licensed products.

  • Multi-Channel eCommerce Integrations

  • Comprehensive ERP Integrations

  • Easy Cataloguer Extension



Bauerfeind is a global leader in the medical & sports braces/supports industry. 

  • SEO optimization

  • usability and UX enhancements

  • marketing campaign planning and execution

  • reporting and analytics

  • customer service management and support


Personalization Universe

Make your world personal by customizing quality products for you and your family through the 1-800-Flowers family of brands.

  • Customization engine

  • Snow Gift Generator extension

  • Rules driven merchandizing

  • Layered navigation

MD Complete Skincare

Everyone should have access to the complete approach from professional skincare that you receive at a dermatologist’s office. But, that just wasn’t possible until now.

  • Subscription Extension

  • Conversion Funnel

  • Custom built design

Authentic Collector’s existence is fueled by the passion of those collectors we have the privilege of connecting with through our various associations with globally recognised events, organisations, athletes, legends and entertainers.  Brought to you by Pursuit 3 Group, the same group to bring you the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup 2015 Auctions, and the Rio 2016 Official Auction.

Optimum B2B Portal

Retailers, Vendors and Specialty Retailers are all connected to thousands of products available for drop ship.

  • B2B Site Manager extension

  • Integration Connector to MS Navision

  • Large scale Amazon automation

  • Product digital content catalog

Bradford Exchange

Customers find everything from exclusive, limited-edition collectibles and fine jewelry, to artistic apparel, home decor, and so much more.

  • International eCommerce sites

  • Multiple Languages

  • Multiple Currencies

Tata Global Beverages - Good Earth Tea

Branded products with your favorite Paramount movie images, quotes and logos.

  • Custom Magento Site Design

  • Subscription Extension

  • Custom SAP export

  • API integration for fulfillment

  • Customer Service integration & creation of operations

Marco's Pizza Distribution

Marco’s Pizza Distribution is the B2B supplier for the Marco’s Pizza chain. MPD also launched a B2C site.

  • B2B and B2C site

  • Closed Site Access

  • Custom Food Truck Delivery & Store Number Association Functionality

  • Integration with GP software

Designs Direct

We believe that art isn’t just an item that you buy – it’s a reflection of who you are and what moves you. We believe that everyone has a unique viewpoint, and our mission is to provide you with a wide variety of themes and trends to fit your individual style.

  • Preview Engine

  • Customizer extension

  • Integration


Focused on delivering awesome promotional products, Touchstone works with businesses, helping them all to create Dimensional Brand Experiences that support thriving Brand Ecosystems.

Snow was brought on board to take the lead in the digital transformation of this brand. We provided services from UX through to design, post launch maintenance & support.

  • Analytics + Insights

  • Creative & Branding

  • Fully Responsive Web Design

  • UX + Design


Instagram Swag

  • Closed Site Access for Facebook/Instagram employees only

  • Facebook Login API

  • Official Instagram merchandise

  • Purchase order checkout