In early 2013, Snow Commerce launched ShopSprout as an online retail channel for the NBC Universal Sprout network. Sprout is the very first television outlet to offer 24-hour educational programming to preschool aged children. Shows like Sunny Side Up, Caillou, Nina’s World and Super Wings all aim to teach kids important lessons and skills, such as the importance of family values, self discovery, decision making and the importance of cultural diversity. Sprout's objective is to engage youngsters in a fun atmosphere through storytelling, interactive games and song.

Sprout Online fosters a community of parents looking to find ways to increase their child’s interactions within the Sprout network. ShopSprout provides an outlet for access to all kind of educational and fun products relating to the Sprout label. Parents can find cuddly plush toys, interactive play sets, as well as fun books and dvds for their youngsters all within an easy to use design.

Snow set up ShopSprout with protection under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); though the ShopSprout website is designed for parents, Snow has ensured that if children find their way to the online store, none of their personal information will be collected. In addition the web store has been through vigorous multivariate testing, in order to make sure that the user experience of the site is designed in such a way to be easy for parents to shop.

The most interesting development within the ShopSprout project is leveraging the power of multimedia marketing. A televised ad for the store released on April 4th, 2016.