The Snow Commerce team hails from several different countries, including Canada. With a strong connection to the great white north, it was natural for us to take on the Molson Canadian store. Serving a business across the northern border was exciting, but did include a couple of complicating factors.

1. The Canadian Dollar

We setup a Canadian Snow Commerce division to capture payments in Canadian currency. Orders are purchased in Canadian dollars but shipped anywhere in the world to all Molson beer fans

2. Tapping into the Canadian market

With such a targeted brand, we’ve worked hard to curate the very best in Canadian content. Molson Canadian fans love their beer, but they are also fiercely patriotic - to their country and hockey teams! When creating new products and designs, we’ve been thinking back to the core values of this iconic Canadian brand. 

Molson created the rooftop rink and the #AnythingForHockey campaign to tap into their Canadian fans devotion to the game. Snow took the spirit of the game and ran with it; we created designs such as the #AnythingForHockey shirts, as well as the “Sorry for Being Awesome” line. Canadians love Molson, and Canadians love hockey – so we help to combine all three.

3. The Language Barrier

Canada is a famously bilingual country. Naturally, Molson fans speak both French and English as well as a plethora of other languages. Molson even created one of their infamous beer fridges to address their polyglot market.

Molson Canadian is proud to celebrate Canadian multiculturalism, and Snow is a proud partner in this initiative. We offer as much French content for our Francophone Molson customers as possible. We embrace the rich heritage of our Canadian market and are working to provide the best services for both our English and French customers.

Thanks to our time with Molson Canadian, Snow has been proven capable to providing excellence in ecommerce on an international scale. Since starting with Molson, we’ve been continuing to broaden our horizons even further, offering our services to companies based out of Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.