Thanks to all our friends of colleagues, we hosted an informative and successful event. We loved being able to show off our new space, while also delving into the vast world of eCommerce with leading experts.

We kicked off the presentations with Rick Simpson’s talk on the history of Snow, then moved into digital ‘aha moments’ presented by other Snow staff members. Alex Womacks and Kevin Smith introduced the integration of fixed price and auction based sales in regards to the Rio Olympics eCommerce site. Later, Nick Watkins and Gary Kohlman joined forces to detail the ins and outs of digital marketing strategies. Finally, Javier Rosario introduced the growing union between Facebook and eCommerce strategies.

After a short intermission, we moved onto guest presentations. Leon Kuperman, CTO of Zenedge, spoke about the upcoming challenges facing cyber security. With the risks of cyber crime ever growing, the world of eCommerce needs to be prepared. The multiple levels of Zenedge security can block everything from malicious bots to blackhat hackers.

After taking on Europe, we moved to the world of print-on-demand products with Ty Simpson. Print-on-demand has the potential to streamline any company’s product production, by eliminating the need for excess inventory. Ty’s experience within the industry illustrated just how versatile print on demand can be, in order to bring wide varieties of merchandise to consumers almost instantaneously.

Finally, we rounded out our international experience with a presentation from Aaron Chang who is based in Shanghai China. Aaron introduced the audience to the most popular social media marketing platform in China, WeChat, as well the largest marketplaces in the world, and In a similar fashion to Sirko, Aaron stressed that eCommerce in China was vastly different than in other parts of the world and needed to be treated as such.

The Snow Summit was a huge success. We are so honoured to be able to work with such dedicated and inspiring people. To all of our colleges and friends, thank you. We are so excited to be working to innovate the frontier of eCommerce, one transaction at a time. From all of us at Snow, we are so excited to partake on this journey with you.